Water Sampling Station DCM 01

Water Sampling Station DCM 01

Water Values - Valuable Water

In a Nutshell

  • For public swimming pools
  • Potentiostatic measurement of free chlorine
  • Membrane covered measuring cell for combined chlorine
  • Measurement of pH value, Redox and temperature
  • Powerful multi-channel controller TOPAX DX
  • Flow monitoring
  • Hydrostatic flow regulation
  • Serial interface for PC communication (optional)
  • Control of flocculants dosage (optional)


Technical Details

Measuring range free chlorine mg/l   up to 2, pH balanced
Measuring range pH (optional)     0...14
Measuring range redox (optional) mV   0...1000
Dimensions (W x H x D) mm   490 x 900 x ~130
Temperature °C   5...60
Sample water requirement l/h   approx. 45
Water pressure input bar   0.2...6.0
Water pressure ouput     outflow sample water must be able to run off
Hydraulic connections input mm   hose liner Ø6 Male
Hydraulic connections output mm   hose liner Ø10 Male

Subject to technical changes


BW: Operation instruction
PI: Product information
MB: Dimension sheet

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