Chlorinator C 2525-MH

Chlorinator C 2525-MH

Dosing chlorine gas in larger amounts

In a Nutshell

  • Flow rates 5/10/15/25 kg/h Cl2
  • Vacuum technology according to DIN 19606
  • Manual or automatic control
  • Wall mounted or cabinet type


Technical Details

Dosing ranges kg Cl2/h   up to 25
Operating vacuum mbar   -100
Required ejector vacuum mbar   -250
Flow adjustment range %   0...100
Flow meter Length mm   300
Accuracy %   ± 2 FSD
Scale ratio     1:20
Material     Glass
Vacuum gauge Range bar   -1...0
Size mm   Ø63
Accuracy %   ± 2.5 FSD
Materials of construction in contact with chlorine Plastics     PVC
Springs     Hastelloy
Sealings, Diaphragm     FPM
Weight (with C 7700) WL-type kg   12.5
SL-type kg   37
Ambient temperature °C   0...40 (no direct sun light)

Subject to technical changes


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