Dosing disinfectant properly

In a Nutshell

  • High product stability
  • Compact, pre-assembled unit
  • Integrated monitoring of all the functions
  • Full availability
  • Supply of multiple injection nozzles from one system


Technical Details

Productive capacity (ClO2) g/h   5
Product concentration (ClO2) g/l   2
Dimensions (W x H x D) mm   730 x 1000 x 286
Weight with filled tank kg   approx. 32
Operating voltage     230 V, 50/60 Hz
Protection class     IP65
Power consumption W   max. 100
Alarm relay (change-over contact)     max. 230 V / 3 A
Operating temperature °C   10...40
Useful volume of the product tank ml   5700
Lifetime of the ClO2 solution at a storage temperature of 
15 °C
h   > 24
Chemicals used      
Hydrochloric acid     9 % according EN 939
Sodium chlorite     7.5 % according EN 938
Diluting water in drinking water quality     max. 5 l/h, 1...5 bar
ClO2 dosing pump     MAGDOS DX 4
Dosing pressure bar   up to 10
Control of the dosing pump     pulse frequency

Subject to technical changes


BA: Operation instruction
PI: Product information

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