Wiya System Solution

Is authorized distributor for Indonesia Regional under licensed trademark of JESCO in Wedemark, Germany (Lutz-Jesco GMBH) and its Asia region in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Lutz-Jesco East Asia Sdn.Bhd)

Our Company represent range of products with good quality and high safety standard. Drinking water, swimming pool, water treatment and water waste disposal from industry need precise and much dependent to components or tools for circulation system, monitor and water quality measurement. For over than 60 years, JESCO is well known for its experiences for developing disinfectant system for swimming pool, drinking water, water treatment and water waste disposal has recognised in the world.

PT Wiya System Solution is a main dealer for dosing equipment both gas or liquid, will serve every customer to meet the might solution for any task.



Jesco has been acknowledged for its metering technology system and our products are advanced within International scale. We gain customer satisfaction due to increasing of sales and after sales service which supported with our skillful staffs.



Improve the quality of measuring system by providing the essential products and delivering the best system solutions



To be the most reliable partner for better future


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Our Office

PT Wiya System Solution

Jl. Agung Niaga III Blok G3 No. 32, Sunter Agung
Jakarta 14350, Indonesia
Phone. 021-65836372
Fax. 021-65836374
Email. info@wiya-system.com

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