Treatment of drinking water in the water works

Treatment of drinking water in the water works

Typical applications for Lutz-Jesco products for provision of drinking water at stationary locations (in water works) and at mobile locations (e.g. on board ships) include:

  • the feeding of chlorine gas or chlorine bleach as a disinfectant
  • the making up and the feeding of polyelectrolyte as a flocculant and flocculation aid
  • the feeding of polyphosphate to combat lime scaling
  • the feeding of lime water or milk of lime to maintain a lime-carbonic acid equilibrium
  • the feeding of caustic soda regulate the pH value
  • the feeding of orthophosphate for hardness stabilisation
  • the feeding of potassium permanganate for removal of iron and removal of manganese


These measures ensure the provision all year round of clean and wholesome drinking water.

Developed as additional tools for feeding chlorine gas into water, the Lutz-Jesco products from the product ranges that deliver chlorine gas under vacuum and at positive pressure have for many years been used successfully worldwide for fresh water disinfection. Lutz-Jesco dosing pumps have also been used in water works for many years and on every continent for continuous admixture of liquid media. In combination with Lutz-Jesco measurement and control technology, they ensure consistent feeding and permanently reliable water quality.

Lutz-Jesco products satisfy the high criteria and demands set by standards applicable across the world for maintenance of hygiene parameters in drinking water; and they can be relied on as a partner for sustained dependable service.

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