Disinfection of hot water circuits using chlorine dioxide (ClO2)

Disinfection of hot water circuits using chlorine dioxide (ClO2)

For medical and other public installations, in the foodstuffs industry and also for animal husbandry, a high level of drinking water quality is an inescapable requirement for regular operation. The continual heating up of drinking water in the circulation pipework and its multiple branches creates a requirement for provision of a persistently effective disinfectant: the disinfectant must remain present in sufficient quantities within the entire water circuit even long after it was fed into the system. This effectively combats and kills off legionnaire's disease and other pathogens in the drinking water, and prevents them breeding.

Chlorine dioxide comprehensively satisfies these conditions. Chlorine dioxide is a chemical that cannot be stored; it must be generated as required from its constituent reagents and fed into the water circuit. Lutz-Jesco chlorine dioxide systems satisfy these requirements without qualification. In combination with Lutz-Jesco measurement and control technology, they provide a complete disinfection system which will continue to operate reliably for years as a closed system.

Lutz-Jesco product applications include animal husbandry, aquariums and drinking water supplies within sports facilities (showers).

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